June 23, 2016

By default, JetBrains products (IntelliJ, WebStorm, etc) products default to a very small minimum (128 MB) and maximum (750 MB) Java Heap Space:

➜  ps aux | grep -i webstorm 
nick     22103  383  2.7 6838044 901056 .. /usr/lib/jvm/default/bin/java -agentlib:yjpagent-linux64=disablealloc,delay=10000,sessionname=WebStorm2016.2 -Xbootclasspath/a:/opt/webstorm-eap/bin/../lib/boot.jar -classpath /opt/webstorm-eap/bin/../lib/bootstrap.jar:/opt/webstorm-eap/bin/../lib/extensions.jar:/opt/webstorm-eap/bin/../lib/util.jar:/opt/webstorm-eap/bin/../lib/jdom.jar:/opt/webstorm-eap/bin/../lib/log4j.jar:/opt/webstorm-eap/bin/../lib/trove4j.jar:/opt/webstorm-eap/bin/../lib/jna.jar -Xms128m -Xmx750m -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=240m -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:SoftRefLRUPolicyMSPerMB=50 -ea -Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow -XX:MaxJavaStackTraceDepth=-1 -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd -Djb.vmOptionsFile=/opt/webstorm-eap/bin/webstorm64.vmoptions -XX:ErrorFile=/home/nick/java_error_in_WEBIDE_%p.log -XX:HeapDumpPath=/home/nick/java_error_in_WEBIDE.hprof -Djb.restart.code=88 -Didea.paths.selector=WebStorm2016.2 -Didea.platform.prefix=WebStorm com.intellij.idea.Main

Depending on the amount of memory (RAM) available on one’s machine, it may be desirable to bump up these values by simply modifying the appropriate *vmargs file. This will depend on one’s installation directory, which will vary by operating system. For me, running sudo vim /opt/webstorm-eap/bin/webstorm64.vmoptions and updating my JVM args as reflected below


My machine has 32 GB of RAM, so much higher values were appropriate. I also bumped up the value for ReservedCodeCacheSize which has a maximum allowed value of 1024m. I will need to re-start WebStorm after making this change to the webstorm64.vmoptions file, but I should now see these parameters reflected in the running webstorm process that I can check as shown above in the initial step.

Webby allows the creation of web apps, similar to “Chrome Apps”, but does not run on Google Chrome or Chromium and uses less resources natively on Linux. It provides a simple interface for creating an viewing your Webby apps:
Webby web apps

On Arch Linux, Webby can be installed through the AUR:

➜  yaourt webby 
1 aur/webby-browser-bzr r9-1 [installed: r17-1] (2) (0.01)
    A webapp browser.
==> Enter n° of packages to be installed (ex: 1 2 3 or 1-3)
==> -------------------------------------------------------
==> 1

See also an external blog on installing Webby on Ubuntu Linux. Note that Webby depends on GTK3+, so this may introduce dependency conflicts on Ubuntu.